How To Think Like A Man

How To Think Like a Man is a recent movie based on the Steve Harvey Book How to Act Like A Lady and Think Like a Man. Here I describe one of the great takeaway points from the book. 

One of the takeaway points that Steve Harvey makes that is great is his explanation for the reason men cheat. The reason men cheat on their wives is not because men are dogs but because there are many women out there that are very willing and able to sleep with a married man. One of the reason is that married men have a lot of appeal. Women often think that a man who is married must be very desirable if a women has agreed to commit their life to them. They are “pre screened”if you will. Steve also emphasizes that a woman must how “low moral character” to sleep with a married man.  I think a good analogy to the married man versus a single man is a man who is employed versus unemployed. An employed man is seen as being someone who had to go through an extensive screening process to get the job. An unemployed man is seeking a job but he has not found a company that whats to commit to him.

How To Think Like a Man from Jeff Friedman on Vimeo.

Jeff Friedman from and explaining some highlights from the movie How To Think Like a Man.

Dating: The Triple Threat Position

Hi wanted to share with you a concept that I call the Triple Threat Position  specifically as it applies to dating. In basketball the triple threat is a position where you have three options. The first is the option  is to dribble the ball. The second is that you can pass the ball. The third is that you can shoot the ball.

In dating I recommend that on a first date you always think about making a new friend. You never know until you meet in person if there is any sexual chemistry. Furthermore you can always adavnce the friendship but it can be difficult to go from being lovers back to friends,

The friend position is the triple threat. In the friend position you have three options. You can advance the friendship by dribbling, shooting is making a sexual advance, or you could pass  the ball by referring the person to someone whom you think may be a better fit.  

Picture of NBA star Blake Griffin in the the triple threat position.

Picture of NBA star Blake Griffin in the the triple threat position.